Relax Dryer – Kattrulartti

Relax Dryer (Kattrulartti)

Kattrulartti is designed for tensionless shrinkage and relax drying of knitted fabrics in a wide variety of versions as Kattrulartti series, which can be chosen depending on the need and performance subject to the environmental conditions with heating source of choice as Thermic oil, Steam or Gas. The Kattrulartti series are designed with care for shrinking, relaxing and tensionless drying of knitted tubular and open-width fabrics. Fabric guidance and feeding can be done in multi line threading system and drying process can take place at a single or multi treatment level.

  • Fully Automated
  • Humidity control
  • Over Feeder
  • Single Pass
  • Multi Pass
  • Thermic Oil
  • Steam Gas


Machine Structure :

MS/ ( SS Nozzles)

Material Type :

Tubular Knitted fabrics +Simple

Processing Method :

Multi track

Web Working width (WW) :

2000 - 3200 mm

Length of Drying Chamber :

2.2 m / Chamber(C)

No of Chambers (NOC) :

KAT M1 - min 2C+ NOC as customer choice

KAT M2 - min 3C+ NOC as customer choice

Mechanical Speed :

0-50 m/min

Heating Source :

Thermic Oil/ Steam/ Direct Gas

Power Requirement :

3*230 / 400 V - 50 Hz(Other rating available on demand)

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