Slitter – Vattahalvetti

Slitter (Vattahalvetti)

Slitting Machine for Knitted Fabric is advanced slitting machine with German slitting sensor suitable for all kinds of knitted fabrics. in comes with Turn table, Detwsiter, Centering device, Enzyme Bio Washing unit and Open width Padding arrangements. This machine is also called Tube Slitting machine and Tube Opening machine.

  • Fully Automated
  • Turn Table
  • De-Twister
  • Sitter Basket
  • Rope Squeezer
  • Spreader
  • Plaiter


Machine Structure :


Material Type :

Tubular Knitted fabrics

Material State :

Dry, Spun Dry, Squeezed

Tubular web Diameter :

350 - 830 mm

Web Working Width (WW) :

1080 - 3400 mm

Max Web Speed :

120 m/min (Variable for type of Web)

Power Requirement :

3*230 / 400 V - 50 Hz(Other rating available on demand)

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