Tubular Padder – Vattahalvirutti

TUBULAR PADDER (Vattahalvirutti)

VattahalVirutti is an ideal hydro discharge and overstretch machine designed to superior quality for the tubular knitwear finishing segment. Unlike the age-old centrifugal or squeezer, wherein only hydro extraction and folding was the sole process, VattahalVirutti the discharge and overstretch machine is designed for continuos untwisting, untangling, draining, spreading and wet compacting of knitted fabrics in a single process.

  • Fully Automated
  • Turn Table
  • De-Twister
  • J-Box
  • Squeezer -1
  • Squeezer -2
  • Spreader Plaiter


Machine Structure :


Material Type :

Tubular Knitted fabrics

Material State :

Wet on Wet

Web Working width (WW) :

1000 - 3400 mm

Maximum Mechanical Speed :

60 - 100 m/min (With type of Plaiter)

Power Requirement :

3*230 / 400 V - 50 HZ (Other rating available on demand)

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